Effektio is now acter.global

Early 2023 Effektio merged into Acter Association, continuing to the build the Future of Organising: the technical base of Effektio has become the next generation of the Acter App enabling Activists all over the world to better organise. Learn more at acter.global.

Warrant Canary

As of July 2022, Effektio warrants that:

  1. Effektio has never turned over any encryption or authentication keys or our customers’ encryption or authentication keys to anyone.
  2. Effektio has never installed any law enforcement software or equipment anywhere on our network.
  3. Effektio has never provided any law enforcement organization a feed of our customers’ content transiting our network.
  4. Effektio has never modified customer content at the request of law enforcement or another third party.
  5. Effektio has never weakened, compromised, or subverted any of its encryption at the request of law enforcement or another third party.

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