Effektio is now acter.global

Early 2023 Effektio merged into Acter Association, continuing to the build the Future of Organising: the technical base of Effektio has become the next generation of the Acter App enabling Activists all over the world to better organise. Learn more at acter.global.

Being more public

It’s been a few months since we’ve started to build Effektio. And though our progress is always trackable on Github, we know that there is much more to #buildinpublic than that. As we are getting closer to the MVP of our app, we want to increase the communication about our journey, the progress, our highlights, our ups and downs. We love the concept of building in public and as of today the website – which we are relaunching with publishing this post – is designed to reflect this approach.

From now on you will find the latest updates about the work on our purpose and product on the website. If you’re interested in Effektio make sure to come back frequently. In particular we’d like to highlight the revamped product progress page where we explain in detail what we are up to, how things are processing and provide pointers into the code if you want to contribute.

Furthermore, we’ve updated the team section, featuring all active team members and a bit more of a journey on how we’ve gotten here. Overall, we are providing a lot more insights on what we are building for whom and why. Next to the progress page we added a structured blog, where we are getting into all kinds of topics concerning community building and organizing in the context of web3.

We hope you like our relaunch. Any kind of feedback, requests and hints are always very welcome. 

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